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Where West meets East: Ravenna, the Eternal City.

There’s something magical about Ravenna. Dante Alighieri lived and died here, and is still buried in town. Austrian painter Gustav Klimt visited Ravenna, and may of his works were influenced by the stunning heritage of the city. Lord Byron lived in Ravenna. Oscar Wilde and Dickens visited Ravenna.

The city has been attracting some of the world most renown artists as well as inspiring their works for more then one thousand years. There’s no many cities in the world having been celebrated and admired as Ravenna was.

The name of the city alone echoes memories of a glorious, noble, distant past.
This is where West meets East.

Just like Rome people do, locals refer to their hometown as the Eternal City. And this is not a chance: with an incredible history spanning over two thousand years, Ravenna served as capital of late Roman Empire, still offering a stunning, incomparable heritage of Early Christian basilicas and monuments.

Let yourself be engulfed by the timeless splendour of its world-renown mosaics: from blue and violet nuances of late Roman mosaics to glorious golden glare of Byzantine ones, you will find yourself surprised and surrounded by reflections of pure golden light and colour. “Stunning, amazing. Unique, moving.” – these are just a couple of adjectives my tourists describe the mosaics with. But there’s no really words for that.

Ravenna is way, way more. It is an experience.

There’s no words to describe how it feels to be entering its churches and finding yourself in front of the glorious mosaics you only knew from books. You just have to live it.

Half day in Ravenna

Half day walking tour of Ravenna will allow you to be exploring the most popular sights and attractions in town, as well as discovering its lively, authentic Italian lifestyle. The tour will be embracing the UNESCO heritage sites of Ravenna: from St. Vitale Basilica and Galla Placidia Mausoleum I [...]

September 13th, 2018|

Ravenna in a day

There's nothing better then a day in Ravenna to be fully exploring of all of the sights and attractions into the city centre, as well as all of its eight UNESCO world heritage sites, from stunning mosaics of St. Vitale Basilica and Galla Placidia Mausoleum down to St. Apollinare [...]

September 13th, 2018|
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