Ferrara walking tours

Unique and fascinating, Ferrara is one of the cradles of Italian Renaissance style.

All bricks-built, the city is the capital of amazing Po river delta area, the Italian Camargue. Originally founded in a marshy and lagoon area, it’s no chance the city first developed as a harbour city, having been built on the southern branch of Po river.

A stroll all throughout the narrow, ancient alleys of the town will definitely be taking you back to glorious Renaissance times, back at the time when Ferrara was one of the most economically and culturally advanced cities of all Europe, competing with Paris and Florence.

With its lavish architecture, large palaces and amazing works of art, it’s no wonder the city has been fascinating visitors of all times. Renaissance style was adopted by Este Dukes, Lords of the town, changing the ancient, Medieval town into a modern, extraordinary city worth of the title of pearl of Europe.

One of the few Italian cities still surrounded by its own defensive walls, Ferarra and its area have been selected not one, but two times as UNESCO World Heritage sites: in 1995 the city was crowned City of Renaissance for its beauty and cultural importance. Once again, in 1999 it was the surrounding area of Po river delta and Este Dukes villas spread all over it to be selected as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Half day in Ferrara

A half day walking tour of Ferrara will allow you to be exploring the most important popular sights and attractions across town, as well as discovering its peculiar, lively and authentic lifestyle. From Estense Castle, core and symbol of the city, ancient Medieval fortress changed into a lavish Renaissance [...]

September 13th, 2018|

Ferrara in a day

A day in Ferrara will allow you to be exploring all of the most important sights and attractions in town, as well as discovering its peculiar, lively and fully authentic Italian lifestyle. I want to share with you all of the reasons I love Ferrara so much! Prepare to be [...]

September 13th, 2018|
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